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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Internship going to begin

2nd jan will be the day im going to start my internship. It will be a brand new experience for me who travels from ipoh to kl.Excited feeling governs me now. I wish everything will be going fine. For sure i will do my best and adapt to kl lifestyle.
next week i will go kl and move my belongings there. There are plenty of wonderful things ahead such as i can go shopping with my gf and frens. Gathering should be not a problem. Reports and thesis will follow me towards the 6months..too bad..Good luck!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

vodka-ing time..

My bunch of frens decided to clear the vodka that we bought that time..although our gang mostly went back to hometown for holidays but i still managed to call upon the others. Less people gathered seems awkward but we did enjoy as well. Playing cards nonstop and gossiping people have become part of our activities.

Ya..gossiping sure is not good. But to us..this mayb a way to entertain each other. Having fun together for the last time this sem is really enjoying..6months time without gathering will it be weird if we meet again one day?As i know, we are starting to be busy with either LI or thesis preparation. Ya..keep going buddies..

The day after thesis title settlement..

it was a miserable day. what i have proposed yesterday wasn't good enough to be accepted. i couldn't manage to get the title i wished to get. It was abit sad but the most important thing is i haven't get any title yet. The vacancy is almost full. I was tremendously nervous coz i will be 'lelong' if i cant get it myself. But luckily i got it under dr lee. This means i have to work extra hard for it..no choice..

Relaxing time started..
My gf wished to go coffee bean during the nite time. I went for adjusting my belt she gave me that time. Ice blended Coffee bean (rm11.50) + Cheese cake (rm8.50) were our supper for the nite but we had Yoyo before it. Few hours gone, chit-chatting at the nice environment was really fantastic. This is called relaxation!!Yup..i got it...relaxing that i haven't really feel it before.

Maybe this whole sem was restricted from going out at nite by my old buddy (bike). It was really wonderful feeling which i have no worries bout what will happen to my bike and so on..Sabah life although really dull but it was fun with u beside me at the moment...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Exam over! holidays begin...

the long dragged exam has finished.. this is great since it was a mind-torturing game. no more struggling (although the last paper-accounting i less study) maybe i have the exam-over feeling, no mood to continue study.luckily i still managed to finish that paper(dun even know what will be the result).Just dun care!

Holidays do begin.This coming holidays will be a very short period because i need to prepare for my internship in shah alam next january.I need to settle about the accommodation and transport well after my flight back to ipoh on 4th dec.

These few days after examination will be extremely free.Ya.Dun even know wat else to do besides sleep and watch movies. My LI briefing will be on next thursday. This means that i have to prepare myself for working environment.At first i really keen on this working feel but now seems abit lazy due to the period is too long(half year). After that need to present it to our lecturers which will be another disastrous scene. Hardly to imagine that. Shivering now.......
Thesis title will be released soon. Who will be my supervisor?Hope everything is fine and smooth for the year 2009.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Birthday eve..

This has been a day which was unusual to me...in terms of wasting lots of time till at nite i planned to watched EPL football man u vs arsenal..which turned up to be a frustrated match to me...i found myself moody and thus i clicked on some songs for relaxing....

Just planned to start my study, someone knocked my door. I guess sure Roland-my hsemate.
so i just dragged myself to the door knob there...and opened the door...i saw my cute gf holding a piece of cake..i was stunned..what the heck she is here?am i birthday today?nope....so i just asked
"Today is my birthday meh?" then i realised my gang of frens was outside at the living room..kinda surprise with shocked feeling still appeared on my face...but they claimed that i was too calm n no fun...ishh...mayb i suppressed it too well..wow...(puji myself)..

ya..after those birthday song and blowing candle..we went to mamak and chit chatting ...

Guess wat..my gf gifted me a belt which is costly..it is really surprised me..( but i know she sure will spend alot for my present) ...i like it so much...thankss.. girl...

Friday, October 31, 2008

exam draws closer..

exam next week, but i still cant concentrate on my studies. It is hard when i feel my body suddenly seems goes wrong. My stomach sudden pain, my leg sudden cramp. Diagnose results out but it seems normal. It shud be my spine which is injured few months ago.

Doctor told me maybe is the nerves are disturbed and cause muscles nerves stimulation. Sudden pain near my stomach area and it takes time to recover. Hope i can recover soon and able to do exercise again.

exam again means holidays soon. Time passes by so quickly. Without turning back, i can feel myself has grown up and in a blink of eye i will step on the working track. Where is my direction? Nobody knows. I myself blurred. The light in front of me seems darken and i need to search for my path.

It is in the middle of midnite, wish to sleep but notes just keep haunting me. Exam is part of my life, it sticks together with me. Internship begins soon. It will be a new experience to me and wish i can learn something there.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Unbearable Pain..

Pain from my backbone and muscle of side body really haunting me these few days. I damn scare i cant get well from it. Please just go away from me. I will keep an eye on my health from now on.Final is coming soon i hardly to study well under this condition. Next week i will go for an ultrasound check up. Hope its alrite and i will be happy with it.Just wait for that day to come..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What so nice bout indian foods?

i wonder what so nice bout indian foods..until today i really got a chance to taste it.WOW..it was great u know..i really cant believe it. Some more it is cheap and refillable. I went there with matt, tong, ahyi and ky. Of course fetched by ky.heheehe...we ordered the main dishes which are plain rice, brinjal (which is so nice), long beans and cabbages. Besides, we ordered curry fish, fried squid, curry mutton and the burung puyu..i cant stop eating until i finished all my rice. if i know im goin to eat that much sure i wun fill in something in my stomach before i goin. too bad rite? teh tarik which is refillable had finally end up our meal. i have reached my satiety. hehehe...we just paid rm12 per pax!!that is worth compared to western food that we intended to go at first.Luckily no go!!we have made a wise choice!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Next week should be my working week which i will work at Novotel Hotel as part timer. But suddenly the person in charge told us "the management has decided cancel out the job" This really ridiculous since they had confirm with us few days ago.

120 per shift really a high pay job. Now no job and no money. I cant eat nice food and spend like what i wish already. Today i some more spent RM18 for wagamama. Aikzzz.. never mind. i have my own way to cut down my expenditure.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pasta feast!

Yeah. Our gang celebrated kimie and cheryl's birthday by having a pasta feast. Our theme for that nite was enjoying pasta with GAMES. Wat were the games again? Sure mafia comes to our mind!it seems become our gang's game so far. HAHAHA..

Our pasta included tomatoes with pork and cabonara sauce which were prepared by our big tong (tong tong). HAHAHA..It was nice especially the tomatoes sauce. At first i thought the spaghetti was too much and we couldn't finish it. But suddenly all disappear just a moment. May be too hungry or the pasta were too delicious.HaHa..but anyway it was a nice meal and we did enjoy it so much.

Wat pulled us from enjoying was we got to know scientific writing class was on. This is really ridiculous since dr chye told us the class was end on that day. Forget bout the stuff. So we enjoyed playing the mafia and lier again. It seemed boring coz we played too frequent already.

Studying craps!

Wat i mean is my lecture's notes really a joke. No points and some more expect us to write out 2 and half pages. NOT MORE NOT LESS!! That is the key words. Not more bcoz she does not has enough paper so she will give excuse like "u guys suppose to know how to write it in summary. When i was in UK, we were taught to write it straight to the point." ishh ishh..always talk like that. Another great stuff bout her is she wont tolerate any spelling mistakes that being cut off using pen. She will circle it and deduct the marks. Based on the paragraphing and mistaken words then A will not stay with u. I wonder how to get A also. I think i would not happen since she so 'nice' to us.

Wat can i do?study also since i have no choice. See how well i eat n vomit out those things and GORENG as well. HAHAHA..I seem giving up on this subject.

Just pray hard and study smart. Hope can write something out tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Island Explorer...

Last week Mamutik island trip:

Wow..our gang's trip to mamutik island with 13ppl altogether (without cheryl,elaine(balik kampung) and jasmine(balik sban))..
2 days 1 nite there really an experience coz they were no people camping expect us. Can guess what is the situation at that place? very quiet and dark. We just lighted on candles to give us so beam of light. With the 4 little camps (i dun know it is stable anot) and the sand which has alot of red ants (marcus kena bite till like pig leg), we overnite there.

Ya.It been a cold nite with breeze (i guess) but suddenly heavy downpour. Gosh!!my towel still outside on the table but i dun care it already. Let it stay outside!But yet i cant sleep well coz the camp was leaking. The water has gone inside the camp n wet my shirt. Shit!!really no nice sleep with wet shirt. Yes.Rain stopped.I hardly breathe and sweating. I was lack of oxygen!!Someone please open the camp window for me!!i sneaked my head outside to breathe and i found out a weird sound!it was from tee lee kean's camp!i thought the sound was someone's snores.

BBQ really not a good idea when it turned out to be a very tough task! And yet we were in the dark world that time, without light and running out of drinking water!!Mosquitoes feeding time started when we were sitting on the bench playing something like mafia games again!

It was a nice trip anyway (mayb i cost around 60bucks) cheaper than i thought.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yummy Sushi..

it's GREAT to hear that the finance's class is dismissed. that means i could go to eat SUSHI!!!
Yeah..it is a promotion which i guess sushi king is one of the participated outlet for Mystyle.com (i wonder what kind of website is that) (got to know it from fren)..

Buy 1 free 1 .. Cheap right?
(entitle to max 5plates) so what..it's enough to satisfy my appetite..Yummy!!
HAHAHA...stepping in a SUSHI KING restaurant with no customers really

Why? coz i will only go there when there is a super cheap offer..(sure many customers)
But..this time..no customers but waitresses only with houseflies too..wakakaka...
10 plates should be enough for 2 people i guess..so wonder what to choose first..
in the end i tried those so called 'shou juen' (forgot what is that in english)..Really super nice!!

When reaching the time to pay bill, the cashier told me : Sir, Thank you RM41 ..WOW..RM41!!!
i show her my msg but she inquired whether i got shown to them before ordering..ishhh!!!
i GOT plzz.z...after struggling for few minutes, she changed it to RM21..

yes!!that's the price!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

RoOM...siNGle room..

im now in the Single room..the room with bad air circulation..But anyway i do like my room now..
whats so good bout it?
1. ROOM for one person = no one else..no other people noise!!GREAT
2. Though abit hot but i still have a stand fan..YES..
3. No need to wait for roomie at early morning for toilet to wash up..
4. Can learn new stuff- various kind of insects can be found here..cockroach the most..grasshopper..beetles..
5. Can rush to collect clothes when notice it's raining!!
6. No need to climb the staircase..though not lots steps ( lazy)
7. Can chat on phone loudly and watch movie with speakers open loudly
8. YES..sure can bring someone else back at nite

is it so great bout it? yeap!!
i do miss my home in ipoh..with air-corn..haha

Friday, May 23, 2008


Yes..im back to ipoh..once again what am i doing here?? NOTHING!! shaking legs n eat at home..because stay at home can get rid of spending..ishh..EXCUSES..

Waiting for a pretty nice job ahead but guess wat..waiting isn't an alternative because it is an excuse to escape from working..izit TRUE?

The time i heard there will be a job which can earn 3k in a month with easy job n short working time..i thought i have less worries bout money n no need to be parasite at home..but in the end..it isn't work out like i thought..the job vacancy has been occupied..3k flies away!!!

back to ipoh with those job --rm800 work from day to night..
what am i thinking?
i just can say...so less money ...n work so long...
no choice..i have to go for those job..NO money NO security

Friday, May 9, 2008



该是甜蜜? 悲伤?


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ENDING smells Good


is the beginning of the next day..
which brings hopes and courages to me..


is meant differences..
in my mind my soul..who knows??
at least..im different now..!!

Ending of exam TODAY.. no more 3 hours papers..no more exam slip needed..
Despite the disastrous JAPANESE paper which i hardly to get my answer correct..im still happy!! NO more JAP means im FREE from hell..

AFTER EXAM---> what to do next? probably packing to go home..
it has been a period of time since last time i left IPOH.. now ABIT excited.. SAY GOODBYE TO SABAH!! HAHAHAHA

2nd year studies end like this..seems faster than expected..what i have learned this sem?
1. Reports (rushing reports is no longer a tough task for me)
2. Exam (study last minute still able to answer question)
3. Mentally tortured (my nice dr chye n dr lee--guess all ssmp students agree this point)
4. Learning to be tough (stay up late to study --OMG--sure not me--)
(scolded by lecturers yet feeling angry...coz they have their points)
5. Money does important to me (i wonder why my money finished so fast)

Ends of 2nd year life..Practical training soon..only one more sem later then it begins..

Monday, May 5, 2008

heading to the end of JAPANESE ...

it should be a pretty nice language to learn..
it should be many people competing for this course..
it should be happy whenever there is a class for 3hours..

i rather attending TATABAHASA which is nothing do with my course than going to JAP class..
i rather doing reports than presenting the JAPANESE -3 days trip

that day was my last day of japanese class..it was a relief after suffering (coz cant really catch up)
after my individual presentation, i knew that no more japanese lesson..wow...
now what i need to do is only the final exam for japanese..which is tml..
after all i can throw away all this notes..hahaha.

it seems i really dun like JAP ..YUP..
maybe last time i was dreaming in class and caught by sensei...some more whatever she taught i also like very blured..it finally turns to be a nightmare to me when my grade dropped from A to A- then last sem B+...i guess this sem should be...nono..it wun happen!!!

this sums up the JAPANESE course that i took in this 4sems..IM FREE NOW!!!

Newbie at blogspot

Hello ...it's very nice to have a personal blog..i have granted my wish that i finally owned a pretty nice blog here..it sounds funny if i said i lazy to create this blog since decade ago..but in fact i do really feel quite troublesome to fill in details in order to create this blog..

today..nothing but just an ordinary day which tremendously HOT!!!i mean weather REALLY HOT..probably my new room has a poor air circulation system..what to do?that was my decision to shift my room from upstair to downstair (single room). Now..i really can feel i live in my own world which i have my space n need not to wear headset when listening to songs..pretty nice right?

i have my japanese textbooks in front of me now..but guess what..i just read two lines then starts blogging..i have no motivation to study after my lifecycle paper..which had done badly..these few days just went out or sitting in front of laptop with movies..really a lot of movies with me now (took from my hsemate--jack).

10th may will be the day i go home after a quite long sem..(i guess) maybe it is rather a busy sem which lots of reports and labs that tortured us..i planned to search for a temporary work after i get back to ipoh..i need to save some pocket money to spend for next coming sem..this holidays will be quite dull probably because all my frens will not coming back/ working as trainee now..so that's why i have to find something to do so that i wun WASTE my holidays like that again..

IPOH..im coming back in few days later...