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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Last Saturday I went to JB for the first time since I'm here. Not actually first time, I mean after I started working here. It's too crowded with people heading to the same destination during weekend. Jammed at the custom, people jammed and long queue for bus too. Really damn frustrated already. Yet, there was an incident which made me more damn pissed off.

I dun wish to comment on the custom at JB but they really pissed me off. I was waiting for van to back to Changi airport at the custom there with my gf that day. We found out we have 15mins before the van arrived thus we sat on the place for queueing. I mean on the 'aluminum tiang' that usually for people to queue. The officer approached and told us that place is not for sitting. Ok, fine then we said sorry. He asked me to follow him, then i followed him to a room. There were 2 other probably the officer there as well smoking and the room is without light and they started throwing questions to me. Some sort of I should know that place is not for sitting and they have to responsible for any injuries if accident does happen. Fair, I apologized again and again.

I passed my passport to one of the officer as per requested. Then suddenly he asked me where I work, I said SG as QC executive. He said not Tan Cheong Motor? I stunned. He took out an E-pass with a female face. I have no idea who the hell is her. I kept denying that pass is myself nor my gf one but they seemed in doubt with everything. They reported to the so called office that I wonder is it real a not with their cellphone. At that moment, my mind was spinning as those thoughts like they going to con me for taking other person ID or whatsoever. Gosh! They let me go at the end by saying 'It's too troublesome to bring u up to office, let be sure u won't sit there again' OMG...really....speechless...Are them really doing their job or just fooling with me?
There were a lot people sitting as what we did that time but they ignored only. That incident really twisted my mood of the day. Damn it!

I will never go JB again if possible. I rather go to Orchard and experience the people jamming there. No more City Square!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Retrieved !

Ever since months ago I discovered my english series link inside PPStream was gone. Gone where? I also dun know. I have been chasing those series like grey anatomy, nikita, vampire diaries etc. That time really OMG! I even went to google it to search for any solutions to retrieve the link. But failed!

Until today, I suddenly think of why not try to search again since I'm really a huge fan for those series. Ya, I saw some post which might be useful and I followed it step by step and guess what...It really works!

I share this link to all of you who has same problem as me.

Friday, March 18, 2011

European Champion League Draw

The draw for quarter final has been announced.

Real Madrid vs Tottenham
Barcelona vs Shakhtar Donetsk
Man Utd vs Chelsea
Inter Milan vs Schalke 04

I wonder what team is Shakhtar Donetsk is. I just know there is a player called Douglas Costa who is young and talented. He used to linked with Man Utd before. Barcelona should be one step in Semis already.

I love the clash between the two english team. That will be nice, it reminds me bout final for 2008 if i'm not mistaken. It ended in a dramatic way. The focus will be on Torres again who yet to break the duck. Can't wait to watch that game!

Gareth Bale, the young welsh international in Tottenham vs the ever great C7 Ronaldo. Bale is the emerging star for this year tournament who scored an impressive hat-trick against Inter Milan in group stage. We look forward to his performance again when facing Madrid.

Inter at the meantime just survived from nearly exit at last match vs Bayern Munich which ended us 3-2 at final score. Pandev was the hero and Cesar was the zero. Schalke has Raul, the ex-Real Madrid legend as the frontman, is still sharp with his pair Huntelaar (Ex-Madrid player too).

Monday, March 14, 2011

Listen to Him

Jason and Janice! They are truly awesome! Love!!!

He is the Man

Jason Chen is considered quite popular cover singer in Youtube for passed few months. No doubt he has a very good vocal and sings brilliantly. That's why his songs have become a hits and received comments from all over the worlds. Love his style, love his passion towards music! Great songs from him!

This is the recent masterpiece from him! enjoy!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

New way to earn dollar & cent

There are millions of ways to earn money. But have you ever think of donating your sperm?
*So sorry for the ladies, not direct to you**grin*

I came across this news article from the star:

"Varsity students making fast bucks with sperm donation"

What comes to my mind instantly is "Oh gosh, varsity students know sperm has a huge demand!"

Cool right? If you can get bucks from it as a return, but why? Why they want to donate just for the sake of laptop or hand phone? Is it only China has this trend?

Imagine you have to pump it out 10 times in 5-10 days. Ohhh.... speechless!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Nature Disaster *Why?*

Recently it has been plenty of nature disasters strike our mother earth. From the Brisbane sudden float to large wildfire burning in Perth until the recent one, Christchurch earthquake that brought away plenty of human life as well as the symbolic buildings.

Today, Tsunami hits Japan? East coast of Honshu stroke by earthquake magnitude 8.9. OMG! Why it comes again? Is it a sign of 2012? Please....

IT Show Singapore 2011

This should be the largest ever IT show held in Singapore.

Venue: Suntec City Convention Center
Date: 10-13th March 2011
Time: 12pm-9pm

Free Admission for sure!

Click on the link below if your wish to have further information bout this
IT Show Singapore 2011

This event for sure will draw huge crowds and I will be going there tomorrow. It's better to view the floor plan and check it out where the booth you wish to patronize. That's my kind suggestion to avoid frustration when stuck inside the crowd.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Concerts Coming Soon in Singapore

JUSTIN BIEBER - My World Tour Singapore 2011
19 Apr 2011
Tue, 8.00pm

Singapore Indoor Stadium
Standard - S$250, S$228, S$198, S$168, S$148, S$98 (Too Bad, All seats are taken)

Never think of J.B. has a huge fans in Singapore!

Jolin Tsai MYSELF World Tour 2011

7 May 2011
Sat, 8PM

Singapore Indoor Stadium
Standard - S$228, S$198, S$168, S$138, S$98 (Only restricted view seats are taken, the other tickets are available!)

Jolin's concert I really wish to go but my gf's flight schedule hasn't out. If happens to clash to her working time then the tickets have to give up already. =(

Remind me bout the Day!

I love this picture! Miss the moment, that was short time and rushed from the beginning toward the end. But I love the time when I put on my robe and mortar board. It was great!

Little Update Bout Me

This is the recent me. It has been quite a long time I didn't take picture of myself. Seriously!
This was taken by Hock Siang with his new lens during CNY 2011. Ah Thong is the one beside me, really never meet him almost a year already.

The Emerging Fast Food Chain

Do you guys know which is the giant fast food chain in the world now?

Perhaps a lot of people will straight away think of McDonald's? Me either.

It's a no no! According to the latest study done, Subway has overtaken McDonald's as the largest fast food franchise. Have you ever notice the Subway restaurant is rather smaller than McDonald's? May be they don't offer a spacious dining place for you but in terms of numbers, they open massively throughout recent years.

What do you firstly come across mind when you talk bout Subway?
1. Is it a sandwich?
2. Is it a greenish fast food restaurant that looks cool?
3. Or is it the Sub of the day that attracts you?

To me, I remember first time I ordered it. As you all know, you have to decide what set you want first then pass through a series of steps before getting your own-choice meal. I was blurred at the particular moment when the Subway personnel was asking me :'What type of bread do you want?' I was like Errr....Emmm.....A sudden choices difficulties stroke, I was scolded by the staff actually. OMG! Why I have to decide so many things just to get my sandwich? *Sigh*

When when I came to the end, I realize it was actually fun to get to choose whatever add-on that I want. And I love the meal since that day. It is easily to find Subway in Singapore nowadays compared to few years back. *Adopted from my colleague, I'm not sure is it true enough* How's bout KL? I remember I saw one near the Taylor College.

Feel like want to grab one now!Haha....

A Day to Remember

Today is the first time I feel working life is so great. Sorry for those who have the hectic and stress moment at work place now. I must put it as a day to remember as I wouldn't have this chance after these two days. I have been asked to go for training at PSB Academy today. The training last for 2 days actually. The wonderful thing of this training is the 9am-5pm. I never feel morning breeze is so damn great until today. *Pheww* Basically I have a good mood for the whole day even it was a pretty boring training. *yawn*.

I got myself home by 630pm. The sky still bright of course, for the past 5 months I was not able to enjoy this beauty journey back to home. Yes! I love it! Although it's just a two days course, but it's a sense of relief for me. I'm not a robotic nor a programmed machine who works from early morning till late at night.

I apparently rejected my manager's offer for the Food Technologist post in my company. I will not disclose the reason but I appreciated him, Paulo. He is the man!