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Friday, October 29, 2010

November life begins soon

This month will be the brand new life in SG. I have waited so long to secure a job here, ya...i got it. It's not a very good in terms of salary or job scope or even the working hours but just screw it. Work First! Get my engine starts first and maybe I can turn to other jobs in the middle way?

This is the mixed feelings. I should have jumped upside down with tears in my eyes after I know I am hired. Who knows I have no joy at all! Perhaps I dun even really like the job. Do I really love SG? I might have reservation now compared to the first month here. I know there will be less fun without bunch of friends around, No Mamak, No yumcha!

The thought *Why dun I put aside everything and get my ass back to KL* suddenly came across my mind. But, I recalled my days when I decided to pack my stuffs and flied to SG. I promised myself no matter how hard I have to go through this. Give myself some time, get some money in my pocket first!

YA...later I will be going back Kl to gather with them before starting my working lifeless days here. Looking forward to it and cheers!!=)

signing off.....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh...that's ME!

Just scroll back the pictures I snapped last time! I love my hairstyle that time! Argghhhh!! There is no way my hair can be that long now....kinda miss it...

The End of Books Study life!

Ya..It's my turn to graduate on 10.10.2010..kinda special right, I mean the date!
It was a great convocation indeed although rain did spoil the day. A moment in a lifetime, no matter how the rain ruined the party but I still remember when we stood there and sang our school song! It seemed a bit touched. Deeply inside the bottom of heart!

It was fun to gather again with buddies that close to me. Everyone shared their life after started their job. I am unemployed at the moment but I did feel studies life is always the best moment for us! Apart from the tedious thesis, we did build up a bond together. It may last forever in my life.

I will always remember the time we spent throughout these four years time. Ups and downs we shared! A moment for the lifetime.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

week-3 in SG

Time flew,
This is the 3rd week I'm here, spent time around in SG
I been to a lot places here with my friends here.
Actually a quite nice experience to see how well SG is developed.
I wish one day I step back to Msia and I have the rather same feeling as I have now.
I really wish it happens soon.

How's my job-hunting progress?
It's just no-news like weeks before, why should it be so hard?
Please just give me at least a call for interview!!
I just sit like a dumb here waiting for call, give me some hopes.

Tomorrow I'm going to JB for the first time immigration chop, I dun wish I have to wait till the 3rd time. Let's pray hard! Sometimes really need to depend on luck when you have nothing to rely on. *fingers cross*

I wish the next post is going to be the post that 'I'm employed'....I believe...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


A dream, I guess every Malaysian works in Singapore also has a dream. A dream which earn as much money as they could, so no matter how they are being treated harshly they will continue surviving in Singapore. This spirit is what I always believe, it applies to myself as well. I would never let myself lose any dynamic in searching a job here.

I remember the day I made up my mind to grab my stuffs and came over. I know I have to face a lot difficulties as I have to buckle up myself for a period of time before getting my first ever permanent paycheck. Time passed, job searching still in process. It's hard for me as I hold nothing in selection of candidates for interview. I guess what I can do is only prepare an excellence cover letter and a well-suited CV to draw the attention of HR personnel.

This is the 2nd weeks I stay here. I wish in the end I manage to get what suppose to get after what I gambled for. Singapore dream is still alive! I believe in myself.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A 'NO, NO'

Got to know is a 'NO' word

It's a mixed feeling grows in my heart

My hope for SG turns into darkness, kinda unbelievable my application was actually being turned down

I must get up and search for another possible vacancy

Another try, why not?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ever have surrounded with negative thoughts?

Negative thoughts arise, whenever the day turns dark

When darkness prevails, I seem live in an abyss with nothing to hold on

Helpless craws in my mind. I wish to escape, searching for light.

The night begins,

Clock ticking, so does the heart beats

The ticking sound accompanies me

The night has swallowed up the joyfulness of the day

It makes me feel empty

A long night awaits me

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Call, Perhaps?

My God..I'm now started to feel nervous in my vein. Where is my call? I just want a job in SG. Is it that hard to get it? Today, 4th Aug, Wednesday. She told me to call me by today, where is it?

Maybe need few days more for processing purposes? I have to calm myself with those excuses. *Shout* A job please! Whole day long sitting in front of my laptop scrolling through all the possible vacancies but really hard to pick one that suits my qualification.

*I wonder have I chose a wrong course, in terms of getting a job in SG?*

It haunted me everyday, even at the middle of night. SG....SG....You seem so far away from me!
It's 6pm now. Feeling terrible. Sigh. Bye.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Im lost, where am i?

I am away from blogging for such a period of time,
Almost 2 months from last post, what am i busying actually?
Guess myself almost forgotten got such an account existed here.
Sorry, I have to recall what had actually happened for this period.

After my viva presentation, it came to the correction period. It was a disastrous and hectic time to go through frankly. But thank god i was able to make it back to hometown before the due date reached. Guess what, I had a strange feeling when dealing with my supervisor to grant for an early 'Pass' to go back home. Finally, I put all the negative feelings behind and got myself on the flight in a rush. A special thanks to my bro Tong for helping me up all this while.

After a month of jobless life, I was sms-ed by Ahyi for a part-time job at his place (Nibong Tebal). A place that I been to only once sometimes ago. I took a while to decide and grabbed my bus ticket for my few weeks jobs there. It was fun and really a good move as I was partner with ahyi in completing the whole Banci stuff. A token of appreciation for my bro ahyi and special thanks to his family members too. I had great weeks there!

Although the real banci period still on-going, but i got myself back earlier. Now, Im prepared myself to go SG for a job. Please, I want an interview.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Counting Dayssss

Days after days....
It finally comes to an end....probably ending now...
waiting viva presentation but lazy doing slides...how?
play games all day long, day till nite, then sleep....
how dull is my life will be?

tomorrow will be the 9th of May,
my brother will be heading back to home,
2 more weeks later will be my turn, guess so....
why i always like kinda emo here?
how come i didnt use to share nice stuff here?

I lazy to continue my last post as i dun feel like continue..
maybe that time so eager to write but now....nope....
the feeling just isn't so ....forgive me.....
what next? shake legs life or probably shake hands too...
haha...just wana back n meet my family n friends...
feel like long time didnt meet up...although just months ...

shirley ah shirley ...when u coming back?
i know probably december...still long to go....
ah siang also will be heading to sg soon...probably cant meet up when i back...
wish u all the best of luck in future, in everything!

Thanks god! It's almost time for sleeeep...
Have a great nite everyone =)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Heading to the end....

ENding does smell good....exactly when u are AWAY from all those stupid assignments, reports, some more the crazy ever thesis writing. It is just less than 2 months time I will be going to say BYE BYE to my lovely Uni life....gonna miss it soon...I guess....to all my beloved friends here...

It is going to be a full speed track now....Rushing assignments and thesis by the end of due date...*It is terrible, You Know* WTH....I feel damn scare whenever I see my supervisor, feel that Im so coward at that moment...WHY? Just merely because I havent prepare to meet her personally. Ishhhh....It was really a damn weird situation when u imagine I ran inside toilet to avoid her....what....the.....h....hahahahah....she is supposing help me up right?


GUYS....how come we need to be separated when it's time to separate? Ishhh...what am I talking about? Just feel damn uneasy when all my friends have to be away from me.....Goshh...I gonna miss you guys soon....4 years long....hardly built up....appreciate it to the fullest....

Let me intro out my SIU frens here....

*My dearest Yan*
Emmm...she is one of the group member...actually kinda weird...how to intro...mmm...just....I no need to miss her actually here...coz i gonna see her everytime after this...hahahahha...*HEHE*

*Ah pek matt*
still remember the time he fetched me with his bike...hahaha....nice...but pity his bike too....im that heavy....wakakakka....chubby face...nice guy...thanks alot for your helping hands...everytime i need help...

*puto yi*
Really puto you...really funny when I recalled I got to know you since the MSM time...Actually u have changed plenty...I mean appearance..Dun believe? U browse your ancient pictures and see...bet you sure agree..!!!hahahaha....I sure miss the BANANA time with you...*I got a feeling*~~~it's always end up with 'jiak jio' time...hahaha...

*tony vincent tong*
Big tong....cant tahan whenever he shows off his body in front of my mirror...when I first know him he was preeety shy....I guess...the conversation like this
*where are u from**Im from ipoh,u?*
*Im from selangor, shah alam** What course?*
*Food science,u?* *ME too...., ssmp..*
Walao eh...if u still talk to me like that now , I guess I will punch u directly...haha..jk jk....

*Marcus foooooo*
He is just a funny guy...damn cheerful and friendly...say all good things bout u ady....enough friend ady gua...He is one of the closest friend that Im able to share feeling and thoughts with. Appreciate him alots and super nice mixing with him everytime...

*kepo mei*
cute little girl...super high tone when speaking...mix around with her only realise she really treats friend nice till sometimes I do feel paiseh coz I didnt treat her the same way. Oppsss..soreee...Although we didnt really share secret or what...but I do feel what she feels sometimes..maybe mix around for a period of time ady...cant escape from my *mata tajam* wakakakaka...

I wonder why we cant really close together....maybe emmm...just...hard to explain..but anyway she is one of my closest frens since first year no doubt.Glad to know her actually coz she always pop out with those funny thinking....would rather kill me off instantly....hahhaha...

*laine my ex-companymate*
I really close with her until the time we mixed around at Fonterra. Actually she has plenty of things to chat and quite funny in person..I felt extremely grateful coz got her with me at that 6 months time...at least got ppl let me kacau when im bored.

---TO be continue-------
sleepy ady....chaozzz....

Wednesday, March 31, 2010



Saturday, February 27, 2010



Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A few occasions digged out my memories

Suddenly glanced through the picture folders and refresh my memories throughout these few years..it just like happened last nite....
A day we celebrated kemei birthday. I guess really few years back ady...
This was the day we celebrated matt's bday!!this one quite latest..just last year only.
silly funny nite..really cant remember where we were heading that nite...just happened to catch pictures before going out!!
Ya!!this one sure remember..the first day i about went for clubbing but....sadly....'eat banana'....then...just drank beer at upperstar...
Cipong!!!wakakkaka....this one is also kemei's bday celebrated at kkbox...
Tanglung festival!!!2009!!first ever huge group walking street with lanterns...
koren's food in kk there....quite nice actually!!n cheap too...can have a try!!
raya open house in likas stadium...eat all for free!!!
all about padas rafting!!sat long journey bus n train just to go there!!
sandakan trip that was great...if without the long journey bus travel.....
cameron trip during LI time...really happening that day....
the recent kelly bay trip...quite enjoying with banana boat....syokkkkk....

Love ya all....~~~

CNY coming soon

blink blink eyes...
almost cny already...coming back in a week time...really damn fast!!
i wana shop as much as i could in kl then back ipoh enjoy!!!
yea!!!long time no back ipoh ady..miss ipoh alot !!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy birthday to My bro Neo

Here I wana greet my bro(Neo) Happy Birthday.Hope you enjoy a wonderful and memorable birthday celebration....take care there...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time flies~

Time flies...
It's middle of January and yet my thesis progressing speed still damn slow..
What I can do? Continue the lab without having pit-stop?Yes.I guess.
The best stuff for lab time is none other than having fun with friends.
Gossip-ing, Kepo-ing everytime whenever has chances..
CNY is coming soon, guess what? I didnt feel the excitement but abit sorrow. Maybe I can sense our study life will end soon....

Craps.....I really didnt enjoy enough for my 4 years time in KK. Oppss.. maybe Im demanding too much...I love my life here as well...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010