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Monday, October 21, 2013

A Visit of A Lifetime - Santorini Day 2

Woke up in the early morning at Villa Soula, Fira on 9th Sept. Had simple Greek breakfast before starting our long day Oia-Fira tour.
Simple butter bread with glass of orange juice more than enough to kick start the day

Breakfast done. Journey began with postcard writing and prepare to post out. To friends and family, we were here before. 
Wandering around Fira town and snapped photo with the Blue and White buildings. 
Towards the cable car stand. We saw this awesome view. It is the volcano island which we didn't manage to go. It is surrounded by blue deep ocean, spectacular. 

This is what we wish to see. White houses along the cliff, match with blue sea, splendid view. 

Taken by couple from western couple resided in Hong Kong. They just went to Mykonos Island and luckily they said Santorini is still nicest. Pheww...because we didn't plan to go there too. 

The numbers of steps from the old port to the Fira town. Don't fool by us, we were heading down actually. Hmmm... to be frank, actually just heading halfway. 
Back to our hotel's rooftop. The place directly under sunlight, too hard for me to open my eyes. 

Checking out. Cute little girl with backpack. 

Our quick lunch at Nick the grill again. Simple yet delicious. Pork grill stick is tasty! 
After simple lunch, got our Piraeus ferry ticket then we headed to Firostefani which is the town next to Fira. Heard that the big Blue Church is there. 

Ta da! Blue Church but taken not nicely. Angle problems actually. Opss. 

Walked around Firostefani. 
Felt really astonished with their buildings. Lovely built near the cliff and keep 'WOW' -ing all the way. 

The postcard images taken from our camera. 
Headed to Oia which is up at the tip of Santorini island. Not an easy drive for me, uphill road indeed killing me. 

It was too hot in the noon time. We just grabbed a seat at one of the restaurant at Oia. Enjoyed splendid sea view with pizza and drinks which caused us more than 40 Euro. We chit-chatted for quite long time, enjoying every single moment of it. 

She was glad with all this. Praying everything is going smooth in our future. *Love*

Posting near one of the Church. 

Too cute to resist. We bought some back for collection. 

Saw a lot of tourist included Chinese surely going for sunset at Oia spot. I could say, it was too crowded as compared to Akrotiri spot. 

Please catch the moment here. You will never regret. 

I know why people said Oia spot sunset is awesome. The picture speaks everything. 

People are enjoying sunset and proposal happened. Luckily I did my part the day before. It was too crowded spot. 

Done our sunset viewing at Oia. People jamming to go out from Oia. We also wished to get back to Fira before sky turned darker. When reached Fira, we grabbed some foods and walked around for souvenir and headed to Old port for ferry at around 1am. We reached rather early, and I was darn sleepy. Luckily managed to doze a while and to our stupidity, we stayed outside the port waiting for ferry but at the meantime there was a much warmer place inside. Awww.... too good! 

Day 2 in Santorini Ended and we took overnight ferry to Athens. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Visit of a Lifetime - Santorini Day 1

It was the day - 6 September 2013. Grabbed my ass to Singapore to meet Her and journey began.
We flew to Istanbul first. It was a 11 hours flight and I found out my feet was swollen. Possibly caused by sitting too long and started numb! We reached in the morning at 7am, Turkey time zone. 
Started a day with coffee. I could say I started the day but she sipped a lil bit then dozed off. Opsss. 
After spending half a day waiting for transit, this was my plane to Athens. Hi Athens, we were coming to you. Hmmm, we needed to wait for bus transfer to pick us up after alighted from plane. Athens airport has merely low traffics. People perhaps do not wish to come over here. 
It was 8pm in the evening, we grounded safely on Santorini. Phewww.... Finally, grabbed our Light-green Manual Nissan Micra and drove to our hotel at Kamari. 
I could call myself genius! Everything left handed, steering, gear, road, OMG! I was totally out of control and the road was without any lights. We could just trying to search the direction from the tiny mini map and eventually we LOST. No choice but to ask the local on the direction and with some hit and miss, we managed to reach safely to Akis Hotel. 
This picture was taken on the next morning. We had our rather huge dinner at along the Kamari beach. Lotsa restaurants, shops and it was quite happening actually. Sadly, we couldn't walk too much and gave up. Whole day flying time really exhausted. We headed by to hotel and had a great rest.
Good Morning, Day 1 in Santorini, Kamari. Simple hotel breakfast kicked start our long day. We were excited with the schedule ahead. 
2 Minutes walking distance to Kamari Beach. It is way to near to it. 

Sand is fine, water is blue and view is spectacular. We were stunned and WOW for a minutes. Love it. 
Face expression showed how much she likes the place. LOL. We just couldn't stop snapping pictures. 

Souvenir hunting at Kamari Beach. We decided to grab a lil bit of it from here. Very kiasu deed actually because we scared the price is different compared to others. Nice Blue Church souvenir!

On the way to Perrisa Beach. Actually need to go over a hill to reach the beach. We spotted awesome view and stopped for some pictures. 

Reached Perissa Beach. Slightly different beach with coarse sand and less crowded place. People enjoying sun bathing but we were trying to hide everytime. 

Shaded under the so called 'umbrella'. Ended up being asked to leave. Not actually, it was being told that it needed 5 Euro for the spot. Come on, we ordered coffee already! 


We headed toward Akrotiri after the beach. It was a the other end of the island. On the way we stopped by the so-called Never Missed Spot - Caldera. People are enjoying some light bites and looking at the calm blue sea. 

We were busy taking pictures. It is actually a spot for sunset. 

Our little light green Micra for our Santorini ride. 

Spotted some white house with blue sea view. This is what we wish to see after all. 

Can't deny that my hairstyle was terrible. I had to blame the strong breeze caused it. Not my fault ok? LOL

Historical town at Akrotiri. It was 10 Euro per entry. Well preserved actually. People was staying there last time until volcano / earthquake stroke. White beach and red beach are just nearby but we didn't really go to it. We assumed all are same. 

She said : Big Eye Michael must witness the view! There it is. Doink! 

About to reach the lighthouse spot - For the awesome Sunset view. 

After waiting for hours (5pm till 7pm), we managed to escape from very strong and cold breeze. This was what we got after all! 

The sunset was too fast and my plan was screwed. Plan B initiated and hey, I did it! Actually there was no Plan B. By luck, she said Yes. 
Drove back to Fira for check in to Hotel Villa Soula. Saw this grill kiosk and the price looked reasonable. 

Night walk at Fira. Beautiful lights from all the houses lights up the night. 

She was asking for Greek yoghurt. It was alright for me, not so keen on it. 

Day 1 wrapped up with stroll around Fira town and sleep soundly.